Human Cannonball

Human Cannonball available on the Google Play store!

Human Cannonball is an endless flier, similar to an endless runner. Launch your human cannonball into the sky and help them fly as far as possible while dodging obstacles and collecting coins!

As project lead and UI/UX designer for Human Cannonball, I managed a team of 4 from brainstorm, through development and testing, to publish on the Google Play store in time to showcase at Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015.

The user interface for Human Cannonball was designed to be soft and fun, creating a positive experience even upon losing through the use of rounded shapes and bright colors. This interface was also designed to be easily accessible to a wide audience, using familiar iconography to depict controls, basic swipe actions for physical controls, and a display of important in-game information that is clear and unobtrusive to gameplay. The interface features a set of screens designed to require as few extra taps to display information and enter the game as possible.

Original Designs:

Included Elements:

Final Screenshots: